Gotham has a wide range of support equipment to complement our aircraft and camera systems. Here’s a partial list of in-house equipment available to our clients:

Aerial Equipment

Shotover Accessories for F1/K1:

  • Motorized Polarizer
  • Rain Spinner
  • Force Joystick
  • Mitchell Mount (for tripod/crane/jib)
  • Multi-Pattern Lid (for custom mounts)
  • Firecrest and Schneider ND Filter sets
  • Semote┬áRemote controller ARRI/Red/Sony/Phantom
Helicopter Mounts:
  • AirFilm AFSP V2 Single Pole Bracket for Shotover F1 or NightSun on AS350/AS355/H125
  • AirFilm AF200 Bracket/Mount for Shotover K1 on AS350/AS355/H125 with counterweights
  • AirFilm G1 Mount for Bell 206/Bell 407
  • Weighted Tailcone (44lb) for AS350/AS355/H125
  • AS350/AS355 Belly Pan with cutouts for AFSP, AF200, Wire Cutters


  • Spectrolab SX-5 Starburst NightSun helicopter searchlight
  • UHF Repeater and handheld radios/walkie talkies
  • Helicopter-installed Technisonic TFM-403 Tactical and programmable UHF Aircraft Radio compatible with handhelds
  • Trailer Hitch Mitchell mounts for Shotover F1
Video Components:
  • AJA KiPro and Pix 240i recorders
  • Monitors:
    • SmallHD 1303
    • TVLogic LVM-095W and SRM-095
    • TransVideo CineMonitorHD
    • SmallHD DP7 HighBright
    • SmallHD AC7
    • SmallHD 702 Bright
  • Decimator MD-HX and DMON-QUAD Converters and Quad View
  • AJA SDI Distribution Amplifiers

Microwave and MIMO Video Downlink for remote viewing

Gasoline generator for remote operations

Camera Vehicles: BMW X5 and GMC Yukon, equipped with onboard power and front/rear camera mounts