Aconcagua H145 Landing

Gotham’s team traveled to Argentina with our Shotover F1 to film the historic successful attempt of an Airbus H145D3 landing on the summit of Mount Aconcagua, at nearly 23,000′

Shotover F1 installed on an AS350B3 from Helicopters.AR

With the ability to take our smaller gimbal, the Shotover F1, as excess airline baggage when traveling, our tech Mike Isler flew to Argentina to assist in capturing this momentous occasion. Working with Productions Autrement Dit and Airbus Helicopters, along with local helicopter operator Helicopters.AR, we had a great team in place.

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Airbus H160 Air-to-air

Airbus H160 Helicopter

Gotham Films partnered with Airbus Helicopters to film their H160 helicopter prototype in New York City.

Using our Airbus TwinStar helicopter, we flew a close formation with the cabin-class H160 over the East River to capture all of the features that set the H160 apart from its competitors. While the aircraft that we filmed was a prototype/demonstrator, all of the external features were the same of the production model.

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