At Gotham Films, we get our hands dirty. And we love it.

Gotham Films was built from the ground up by professionals with a true passion for aerial footage and aviation. Our team is comprised of a unique group of enthusiasts and innovators with unmatched experience in the field.

We’ve all been doing this for a long time. Each of us has years of unique experience that was built in the field, and Gotham Films is our chance to do it together. We invite you to learn more about our unique company, and to test our team’s proven track record over the long haul.

Gotham Films provides complete solutions for aerial production. As the demo customer for the first Shotover F1 in New York as well as the launch customer for the K1 HAMMERHEAD, the in-house options at Gotham are unmatched. Our equipment has been carefully selected to provide a range of high quality solutions that are in-house and available for projects of all sizes.

Gotham Films. Unmatched equipment and experience. Welcome aboard.