Eminem VENOM Music Video

Empire State Building

Gotham’s two helicopters lit up the Empire State Building for Jimmy Kimmel

When Eminem needed to add some excitement to the performance of “Venom” for Jimmy Kimmel Live, they turned to Gotham Films.

Two helicopters (both TwinStars) flew in close proximity to the Empire State Building as Eminem performed on multiple observation decks. One helicopter was equipped with a NightSun searchlight, and lit up the rapper as he performed. The second helicopter was equipped with our Shotover F1 stabilized gimbal with an ARRI camera installed, to capture the action.

On the deck of the Empire State Building was a coordinator from the Gotham team, as well as the Director of the project. We supplied a microwave downlink system so the film crew could monitor the entire project as it was filmed from above.

HAMMERHEAD Array and 12K Aerial Filming

In December 2017, Gotham Films took delivery of its HAMMERHEAD. The Gotham HAMMERHEAD system is a modification to the Shotover K1 gimbal, making it possible to mount three RED DSMC2 or ARRI Alexa Mini cameras. Having three cameras aligned in an array makes possible incredibly high-resolution filming.

In partnership with Phil Holland, the HAMMERHEAD system’s pioneering flights focused on long-form aerials over New York City in the highest resolution aerials ever captured of NYC.

Utilizing three RED Monstro VV cameras with Tokina 35mm lenses, the HAMMERHEAD system shot the equivalent of 100MP still frames at up to 48 frames per second.

More details are available at Phil’s blog, here: http://www.phfx.com/articles/Filming100MegapixelLargeFormatAerialsOverNewYork/

Airbus H160 Air-to-air

Airbus H160 Helicopter

Gotham Films partnered with Airbus Helicopters to film their H160 helicopter prototype in New York City.

Using our Airbus TwinStar helicopter, we flew a close formation with the cabin-class H160 over the East River to capture all of the features that set the H160 apart from its competitors. While the aircraft that we filmed was a prototype/demonstrator, all of the external features were the same of the production model.

Along with Gotham Films and Airbus Helicopters, the shoot was coordinated by PAD, produced by Yankel Murciano and still photography by Anthony Pecci. Our TwinStar was flown by Gotham pilot Chris Blanton, and cinematography by Jose Montanez.