HAMMERHEAD Array and 12K Aerial Filming

In December 2017, Gotham Films took delivery of its HAMMERHEAD. The Gotham HAMMERHEAD system is a modification to the Shotover K1 gimbal, making it possible to mount three RED DSMC2 or ARRI Alexa Mini cameras. Having three cameras aligned in an array makes possible incredibly high-resolution filming.

In partnership with Phil Holland, the HAMMERHEAD system’s pioneering flights focused on long-form aerials over New York City in the highest resolution aerials ever captured of NYC.

Utilizing three RED Monstro VV cameras with Tokina 35mm lenses, the HAMMERHEAD system shot the equivalent of 100MP still frames at up to 48 frames per second.

More details are available at Phil’s blog, here: http://www.phfx.com/articles/Filming100MegapixelLargeFormatAerialsOverNewYork/

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